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The music, as a phenomenon of cultural penetration, has spread over centuries its roots and influenced in many ways the culture of the people. On the other hand, the experience gained from contact with these people allowed in a certain way, an easier understanding of their traditions.

TRADISOM was created to capture and spread the Portuguese musical traditions, not only in Portugal but also in places where the presence and musical influences of the Portuguese are felt.

With its editions will attempt to show these different forms of mutual musical relationship, having as a fundamental criterion for preservation of certain types of authentic expression, with the constant concern to accompany the recordings of detailed scientific explanations.

But TRADISOM still has an important role in the recovery of all types of phonographic materials (and not only) accumulated in private collections and archives, which may be edited.

The year that was held the last world exposition of the twentieth century, EXPO98 in Lisbon, TRADISOM produced a collection of 12 discs titled "THE JOURNEY OF SOUNDS", an invaluable set of recordings made in Goa, Daman, Diu, Kochi, Korlai (India), Sri lanka, Malacca, Sumatra, Macau, East Timor, Mozambique, Sao Tome, Cape Verde and Brazil.

A unique project, we talked about in detail in a prominent area of ​​our website.

More recently, in partnership with RTP and Público newspapper we restored to the Portuguese people a heritage of inestimable cultural value. We speak of the edition of MICHEL GIACOMETTI COMPLETE FILMOGRAPHY, a collection of 12 books, which included all the footage contained in the series “O Povo que canta” and even those made a few years before portraying a village council in Rio de Onor and the Alar da Rede in Portimão.

As common denominator to all editions contained on this page, scientific rigor and good esthetic taste of all those who were able to transform the editions of Tradisom in collectibles, some of them already sold out.

In the near future several ongoing projects, which in time will be announced in our newsletter.

We invite all who visit this page to make your application in TRADISOM CLUB.

After registration, which is immediate, begin to benefit from updated information about new editions always in anticipation of placing on the market.

In addition it is given a very significant discount on all purchases, and special promotions to whom subscribe to our newsletter.