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"The Portuguese Music in the World"

Official Collection of Expo'98

Collection of 12 discs in Digipak with bilingual and trilingual booklet

THE JOURNEY OF SONS - Complete Collection

120,00 €

The trips enthralled by the Portuguese, who from the fifteenth century venture in search of other seas and other lands, also defined by the exchange processes where the music, not always the most transparent, occupied a privileged space.
It is within this framework that develops the central concept of this collection, illustrating sonorities that result from transplantation of structures and expressions associated with music, for which the role of the Portuguese, during the period known as "Discoveries", was decisive.
But more exciting than looking for traces of Portuguese music in the songs of the planet it is intended above all to review how the contexts and the people who adopted the music brought by the Portuguese or through them, return to the story expressive new sounds, they have now acquired autonomy and vitality, creating other universes sound. This is where "the journey of sounds" knows its greatest charm and meaning.

Collection of 12 discs :

Goa - "Gavana"
Sri Lanka - "Cantigas do Ceilão"
Sri Lanka - "Baila Ceilão Cafrinha!"
Damao, Diu, Cochim, Korlai - "Desta Barra Fora"
Malaca - "Kantiga Di Padri Sa Chang"
Sumatra - "Kroncong Moritsko"
Macau - "Fála-Vai Fála-Vem"
Timor - "Tata-Hateke Ba Dok"
Moçambique - "Makwayela"
S. Tomé - "Tchiloli"
Cabo Verde - "Dez Granzin Di Tera"
Brasil - "Cavalo Marinho da Paraíba"